2016 Fall Meeting

Closing Keynote Speaker

Updated Wed Jul 27 08:41:04 MDT 2016

Haydn Shaw,Expert in Generations (Baby Boomers, GenXers, and Millennials), Turning Around Negative Work Atmospheres, and Productivity, has researched and helped clients regarding generational differences for over twenty years. He is the author of Sticking Points: How to Get 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart and FranklinCovey’s bestselling workshops Leading Across Generations and Working Across Generations. He also writes on generations and leadership for the Huffington Post. Haydn Shaw will provide his presentation on Sticking Points: How to Get the 4 Generations Working Together. You will learn… • what the differences are among the generations • what sticking points the differences create for organizations, teams, and even families • how marketing approaches must change to reach the younger generations • what attracts and keeps younger employees • how these differences will complicate the mass exodus of the Boomers from the full time workforce over the next decade