2017 Fall Presentations

2017 Fall Meeting Presentations

W+D North America Update
Updated Fri Nov 03 08:21:24 MDT 2017
Shaun Kilfoyle and Andy Schipke, W+D North America
U.S. Postal Service Update
Updated Fri Nov 03 07:54:32 MDT 2017
Kurt Ruppel, IWCO Direct
The State of the Postal Service
Updated Fri Nov 03 07:41:40 MDT 2017
Postmaster General Megan Brennan
The Growth and Direction of the Packaging Market
Updated Fri Nov 03 08:00:15 MDT 2017
Scott Raymond, USPS
The Envelope Manufacturing Industry, A North American View
Updated Fri Nov 03 07:48:39 MDT 2017
Maynard H. Benjamin, EMA