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What is the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for the envelope industry? 322232

I am looking for a manufacturer that makes (xyz) envelopes? A list of manufacturers can be found on this site under Manufacturers & Suppliers.

Where can I get used pieces of equipment? You may visit the suppliers listing on this web site under List of Suppliers

What are the industry standards for envelope tolerances? Envelope dimensions should not vary more than ±1/16" (1.6mm).

Are there different specifications for inserting equipment? Yes, EMA has a manual, The Guide to Envelopes and Automated Mailing Equipment. This manual contains the manufacturer's specifications for a wide variety of inserting and equipment.

Do envelopes require special storage? The ideal atmospheric condition for handling paper and envelopes is held to be one in which the relative humidity is approximately 50% at 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

What percentage of dues goes toward lobbying?
5% non-deductable

What are the sizes of European Envelopes? Please refer to European Standard Envelopes & Measuerments on this web site.

Are the Envelope Shipments and Sales adjusted for constant or current dollars? Current dollars.

Which European envelope is comparable to the U.S. #10? The European DL envelope would be the closest, but there is no exact comparison. European envelope sizes are corresponding to the A paper sizes (A4, A5, A6). U.S. paper sizes are larger and therefore not corresponding to the European standard sizes. An A4 sheet can be placed in a #10, but the #10 envelope is larger and therefore the size and placement of the address window would be difficult and in some countries the post taxes would be higher.

Does EMA have a Political Action Committee (PAC)? Yes, it is a bipartisan political action committee supported by the envelope manufacturing industry which funds candidates for public office who support issues critical to the future of our industry. For more information, please contact EMA at 703-739-2200.

Is there Gluten in envelope adhesives?
Remoistenable adhesives are derived from corn starch and do not contain wheat or rye gluten.

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